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Masters & Servers is a programme of activities devoted to the investigation of networked cultures in the post-digital age. Five key organisations in the European contemporary and media arts – Aksioma (Slovenia), Drugo More (Croatia), Link Art Center (Italy), Abandon Normal Devices (UK) and The Influencers (Spain) – have joined forces to map – and possibly contribute to – a constantly shifting territory where media-savvy artists, hacktivists and creators traverse the frontiers of contemporary art, social intervention and amateur invention.

Masters & Servers now launches an open call for a new commissioned project across the forms of interventions, data manipulation, representation, research or storytelling. Inspired by D. Rushkoff’s thesis that in the aftermath of the digital revolution, an uncertain condition has emerged: “instead of optimizing our machines for humanity, we are optimizing humans for machinery”. Can art be a key force in reversing this process? How will it deal with the current social media euphoria (or paranoia)? How should the world be represented and lived after Edward Snowden’s revelations?

The organiser are interested in work that can cast light over the dark life of data and other controversial, invisible aspects of networked societies. The call is open to artists, technologists, activists, inventors and individuals and collaborators that occupy the spaces inbetween. The organisers are interested in different approaches, including performance, uncanny experiences, examples of direct resistance or playful experiments in the grey area where counter-power is face to face with power.

This call is open to individuals or groups working across any artforms and/or technology in Europe.
The proposed project can be online and/or offline.

Masters & Servers will support the production of the selected proposal with 5.000 € towards fees and production costs. Masters & Servers will assist in all phases of the production process.

Deadline: 30 September

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