Asia-Europe Educational Exchange and Outreach Programme - Call for grants

The ASEMUS Educational Exchange and Outreach Programme for Museum Educators enhances professional development of museum educators in Asia and Europe and strengthens connections and cultural understanding between the two regions. The program has three goals:

  • To develop a broader knowledge about and understanding of one another’s cultures, collection and strategies in audience engagement

  • To observe, in each other’s workplace, best practices in museum education between partner-museums

  • Mutual capacity building in the development of educational activities together with promotion of social and intercultural dialogue

ASEMUS offers grants for the exchange of museum educators between Asian and European museums. Applications will be subjected to an international peer review panel which will select the participants.

  • Museum educators can apply for a 2-week exchange and work on projects that are mutually beneficial, address critical issues and themes.

  • A total of eight awards will be available for 2014 and 2015 in amounts between Euro 4000-5000.

  • The total value of the grant for each partnership is to be shared between partner-museums and is intended to assist with mobility funding (e.g. international airfare, domestic transportation, taxi to/from airport, travel insurance, visa), accommodation and living expenses as well as educational exchange programme related-materials.

Deadline (extended): 31 October

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