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This annual grant programme is available to European organisers who are planning Japan related performing arts projects in European countries.

There are two grant categories: Touring Grant and Collaboration Grant.

The grant can be used to cover:

a) Expenses for invited Japanese artists/professionals:

  • International airfare (discounted economy class)
  • Travel costs within Europe
  • Lodging and Per Diems
  • Freight

b) Expenses for the Translator/Interpreter:

  • Translation and interpreting costs (between Japanese and European languages) related to the project

For the Touring Grant, the proposed project must tour at least two European locations, multiple venues in the same city are considered to be one location, and priority will be given to projects where the applicants can afford to cover some of the expense items that are included in the PAJ grant coverage.

For the Collaboration Grant, this programme will only fund the costs incurred during the development process of creating new works. Costs for the public presentation of a completed work, including its rehearsal, as a result of the collaboration, will not be covered by the Collaboration grant.

The next round of applications will be for projects that will be taking place between 1 April 2015 and 30 June 2016.

Deadline: 30 October

Find all details in the attached document

Source: Opslagstavlen - The Notice Board hosted by Dansehallerne

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