PRACTICS Mapping of Cultural Mobility Information Services in Spain - report published (June 2011)

With the aim of analysing the existing informational infrastructure on the international mobility of artists and cultural professionals in Spain and exploring the possible opportunities for better and sustainable information services in this field, in April 2011 Interarts (PRACTICS partner and Infopoint) carried out the first mapping of more than 30 institutions, organisations and information centres that provide specialised information for cultural professionals and organisations, including information regarding cultural mobility and cooperation, among other issues.

As in the broader context of the PRACTICS project, the analysis of existing information services has taken into account primarily the following areas: funding sources for mobility and cooperation projects, employment in the cultural sector, training opportunities, legal aspects related to mobility, fiscal and social security in mobility and information about the cultural sector in Spain and/or other countries to strengthen international cultural cooperation (country profiles).

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