On the Move (OTM) aisbl. is a non-profit international association set up under Belgian law.

It started first in 2002 as a project of IETM, before becoming an independent asbl in 2005 and a network of member-organisations from 2010. The network now counts more than 50 member-organisations and individual members.

You can refer to On the Move's history here.


The BOARD Members are:

Marie Fol (individual member) – President

Bojana Panevska (DutchCulture / TransArtists) – Secretary

Pavla Petrova (Arts and Theatre Institute) – Administrator

Yohann Floch (Fresh Arts Coalition Europe) – Administrator

Alfiero Zanotto (Nordic Culture Point) – Administrator

Stéphane Segreto-Aguilar (Circostrada) –  Administrator


The STAFF operating at On the Move:

Marie Le Sourd, Secretary General
e-mail: mobility (at)

Maïa Sert, Project coordinator

e-mail: info (at)

Support team:


John Ellingsworth

email: communications(at)

Accounting: Abdallah Bahlit

emai: admin(at)



For the translated versions of the summaries of the newsletter, On the Move receives the support of its members and partners: SGAE Foundation (Spanish version), IGBK (German version) and Chiara Baudino (Italian version).

On the Move’s secretariat  ocasionnally works for specific projects and tasks (reports, researches, meetings, editing, translations etc.) with a circle of researchers, consultants, project-managers and/or cultural professionals such as Jesica Gallego Gómez (Spain), Hannah Van Den Berg (Wales), Alexandra Dreyfus (France), Mary Helen Young (UK/USA),  Ramona Laczko-David (Romania/Singapore), Chrissie Faniadis (Sweden),  Lara Bourdin (Canada), Chiara BaudinoAida Bruni (Italy), Reinier Klok (The Netherlands) etc. 

For ERASMUS+ advice, On the Move collaborates with Charlotte Bohl-Mustafa, SOMANY (France).