12. Unlocking venues / audiences

This sub-section has been created on 18 May 2020 following the deconfinement process happening at various levels and timeframes in Europe and internationally. This sub-section is of course to inform the sector about the latest developments but also aims to serve as a source of inspiration for venues, organisations and cultural professionals at large. 

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Last update: 24 May 2020 (latest updates with the sign ◊ ) 


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(photo @ Wimo Ambala Bayang, Long time no see, 2011)


Rules and regulations


NEMO: evolving map of planned museums' reopening - link




◊ Rules on how to reopening theatres (in Chinese but free online translation services can really help) - link


◊ Ministère de la culture: Déconfinement : aide pour la reprise d'activité et la réouverture au public - link

◊ ACDN: Première synthèse des hypothèses de reprise envisagées par les Centres dramatiques nationaux au 7 mai 2020 - link

Calendrier de l'ouverture des musées en France - link


◊ Visual Artists Ireland: Covid-19: Questions to ask as you prepare to return to your studio or to other work - link

◊ Arts Council welcomes publication of guidelines for reopening of arts centres - link


◊  Ministries of Culture and Health, Plans to gradually increase the allowed number of participants in cultural events - link


Réouverture d’infrastructures culturelles en vue de la sortie de crise du COVID-19 - link


◊  Le monde du spectacle élabore son concept de protection - link


The National Theater & Concert Hall, Taipei Pandemic Control Measures [abide by the guidance of Taiwan CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention]  - link


Audiences' monitor


◊ Covid-19 Audience outlook monitor via the Australia Council for the Arts - link

United Kingdom:

◊ Indigo: a free online survey designed to capture audience views on returning to arts events, booking tickets now and in future - link


Good practices / experiences 

Europe / international:

◊  NEMO Webinar "Museum lives in post-pandemia" - link (video report)

◊ What Does Post-Lockdown Art World Look Like in Europe? (19 May) - link




◊ Letter From Vienna: Kunsthistorisches Director Sabine Haag on How to Reopen Museums With Safety Rules That Are Smart, Not Draconian - link

China: Cautious optimism in China as nightlife resumes after lockdown (24 April) - link

China, South Korea and Japan start to reopen museums (13 March) - link


◊ Observing social distancing, a German theater cautiously restarted live concerts (19 May) - link

We went to one of the first German museums to reopen after the lockdown—here's what it was like (4 May) - link

Japan: POST Corona – Setouchi Circus Factory’s vision and plans from 2020 - link

USA: After America reopens, a healthy roadmap for theater - link 



What could socially distanced theatre look like? - link

What Socially Distanced Live Performance Might Look Like - link


For the overall list of resources 'Coronavirus: Resources: Arts, Culture and Cultural Mobility', done in partnership with Circostrada, follow this weblink.