Policy Lab: Cities, culture and climate change: practices, models and future actions (Leeuwarden-Friesland 2018)

An event organised by On the Move, part of the EU funded project, Creative Climate Leadership and hosted by Leeuwarden-Friesland 2018, European Capital of Culture. 

The objectives of the Policy Lab in Leeuwarden on 3-4 July 2018 were:

- To demonstrate the role of artists and cultural professionals in contributing to the sustainable development agenda in cities;

- To identify the opportunities for connecting cultural and environmental policy-making: driving innovation and unlocking economic, social, environmental and cultural value;

- To share good practices on how cities and their local rural surroundings can better support their cultural infrastructure, artistic actions and cultural projects to respond to climate and environmental change through specific art funding lines but also policy, training and investment;

- To start scoping your city’s main opportunities for integrating arts, culture and environment: identifying opportunities for creating, connecting and reinforcing new and existing policy and practice.

This Creative Europe supported event co-organised in partnership between On the Move and Julie's Bicycle, with the support of the European Cultural Foundation and UCLG-Culture Committee, gathered speakers and contributors from: ECOC representatives (Leeuwarden-Friesland 2018 and Eleusis 2021), Julie's Bicycle, DutchCulture/TransArtists, Welcome to the Village, Oerol Festival and COAL (France). 

Among the participants were representatives from Galway 2020, Kosice 2013 /Pilsen 2015, Novi Sad 2021, Debrecem 2023, and city representatives from Galway and Amsterdam. 

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