On the Move's mobility info points' meeting, Berlin (Germany)

On the Move's mobility info points - organisations mostly or partly dealing with providing free information on administrative aspects related to cultural mobility* - met in Berlin on 2-4 November.

Beyond sharing experiences to strengthen the capacity of European mobility info points (expertise, service provision, communication etc.), the different representatives interacted with ENICPA members at ITI premices on 2 November afternoon and took part on 4 November in a workshop related to artists' mobility and social protection (organised by IGBK)

Organisations represented:

Polish Theatre Institute  – Anna Galas

Kunstenloket - Belgium – Jens Van Lathem

IG kultur – Austria – Patrick Kwasniewski & Herta Schuster

DutchCulture / Trans Artists - The Netherlands – Reinier Klok

MobiCulture – France – Anais Lukacs

Arts and Theatre Institute, Czech Republic – Pavla Petrova & Barbora Dole┼żalová

Teaterunionen Sweden – Ulricha Johnson

Wales Arts International – Nicola (Nikki) Morgan

On the Move – Marie Le Sourd

Polo Cultural Gaivotas | Boavista – Portugal - Mafalda Sebastião


International Theater Institute-ITI Germany- Michael Freundt and Thomas Engel

Internationale Gesellschaft für Bildende Künste- IGBK – Thomas Weis and Christine Heemsoth

(IGBK and ITI are the coordinators of http://touring-artists.info)

* visas, social protection, taxation etc.


For additional information on visas, social protection and taxation, check our section 'mobility hot topics'.