On the Move 'static staff exchange'

On the Move  secretariat will benefit, from October 2016 till March 2017 and for the third time*, from a static staff exchange with staff from its member-organisations. A static staff exchange may sound curious for a network like On the Move dealing with artists and cultural professionals' mobility! However our office being mobile, this is the easiest way we found to have our members - through dedicated and engaged staff- contribute to On the Move's website contents, analysis of data and/or evaluation.

We are lucky to work till next March 2017 with:

- Ana Mirković from Rojc Alliance in Pula-Croatia (member of Trans Europe Halles and next host for the TEH meeting in Spring 2017): Ana will specifically work on updating the e-library to facilitate a direct access to the cultural mobility resources that you need.

- David Franklin from Art Motile-Spain will analyse the contents of the news shared in 2016 via On the Move's website and compared them with the report dated 2013 made by Alvaro De Salvo (see below). This analysis will allow to highlight some cultural mobility trends in terms of disciplines, forms of mobility and geographies. The analysis will be publicly presented in early 2017 via a report and infographics.

- Reinier Klok (DutchCulture / TransArtists) will do an evaluation of On the Move's users (website visitors, newsletter subscribers, social networks' followers) in early 2017**. You will discover the concise online questionnaire by January 2017 and we do hope that you will be able to spare a few minutes to fill it. The findings of the questionnaire will allow to fine-tune the functionalities of On the Move's website and the types of activities and projects we develop.

* The first static staff exchange programme was with Marie Fol (DutchCulture / TransArtists) in 2012 who re-organised the On the Move library and translated the Move on! guide in French. The second one was with Alvaro de Salvo (RES ARTIS) in 2013 who did a report on the newsletter contents for 2013 (with inputs from Marie Fol) and worked on a web-repertory related to Latin America.

** The first users' evaluation was developed by Elena Di Federico in 2012 through the questionnaire, 'On the Move and you'.

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