Training and Information sessions for and with OTM member organisations and Asian delegates in Luxemburg

Following the successful experience of 2012, the Agence Luxembourgeoise d' Action Culturelle welcomed again On the Move and its members for a training on communication strategies and the use of social media for cultural mobility, which took place in Luxemburg on 17 June 2014.

The objectives of this training were to share expertise and experience on how to better communicate about cultural mobility opportunities and related issues, and to define effective and efficient strategies to reach each other organisation's target audiences via Web-based services. 

The training had three main immediate follow-ups (that other interested organisations/ initiatives can find interesting and apply):

1. Use the hashtag #culturemobility on social media, to develop a conversation about cultural mobility, make the concept better known outside Europe and promote cultural mobility opportunity with travels funded;

2. Mention the sources of information when sharing news related to cultural mobility (eg. "this opportunity came through..." or a similar sentence), as a way to make all organisations active in the field of cultural mobility better known;

3. Enrich the list of # used to share cultural mobility news, like #greenarts or #artistresidencies

Comparing to the previous edition, the 2014 training had two new features:

- The training was linked to two days of information on cultural mobility for the cultural sector Luxemburg / Grande Région (18-19 June ). OTM members and partners from Asia exchanged with an audience of Luxemburgish cultural professionals and managers. This two-day meeting was part of a yearly training programme in Luxemburg, Create your future, facilitated by the Agence Luxembourgeoise d' Action Culturelle with the support of the European Social Fund;

- Thanks to the support of the Asia-Europe Foundation, the training and meetings involved   Asian organisations and/ or information platforms:  Randian magazine, China and Planting Rice, the Philippines. Were also represented the Korean Art Management Service and Bamboo Curtain Studio (Taiwan). The Asian delegation also enjoyed a visit to Metz (France) on 16 June, where the Regional Council of Lorraine introduced them to the local administrators, elected representatives and cultural professionals. A discussion about cultural mobility and cultural/creative industries enriched that day of encounters. 

The OTM members participating in the training and the meetings in Luxemburg (beyond the Asia-Europe Foundation) were: Arts and Theatre Institute (Czech Rep.) ; Culture Desk Foundation (Bulgaria) ; DutchCulture ¦ TransArtists (the Netherlands) ; FACE – Fresh Arts Coalition Europe ; Kunstenloket (Belgium) ; RES ARTIS ; SCCA- Center for Contemporary arts (Slovenia) and Trans Europe Halles.

For the report of the two-day event on information sharing and the access to the organisations' presentations, click here (disponible aussi en français).

Find a short report by OTM member and participant to the meeting Res Artis here

This event was supported by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) for the participants from ASEF, the Philippines and China. ASEF's contribution is with the financial support of the European Union.