2013: On the Move’s key guides, reports and documents

Throughout 2013, On the Move has been co-producing or updating guides and toolkits to help artists and cultural professionals to better identify funding and/or information resources to support their mobility.

The guides to the funding of international mobility for artists and cultural professionals in Europe has been updated for 9 countries: Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Macedonia, in cooperation with the Interarts Foundation; France, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Communication-France; Greece, in cooperation with Busart and Bulgaria, in cooperation with Culture Desk Foundation

The focus of new publications has also been:

- sectorial with a specific guide to funding opportunities for cultural journalists in Europe, as part of the EU funded project Unpack the Arts.

- and geographical with a repertory of web-links on cultural mobility in Latin America, through a staff exchange programme with RES ARTIS and the support of the Interarts Foundation.


The analysis of the multiple impacts of cultural mobility has been engaged with regards to actions and current trends at the level of 24 European cities, through a study commissioned by the city of Nantes and produced by On the Move for EUROCITIES.

Key indicators to measure the impacts of cultural mobility in Wales have been identified and analysed within the report for Wales Arts International on their International Opportunities Fund.

Such reports aims also at feeding the advocacy tool of On the Move, the Charter for a Sustainable and Responsible Cultural Mobility.


Additional resources:

- Recommendations related to visas and artists’ mobility and a special information page in progress on visas and cultural mobility;

- Key findings and outputs from the Platform meeting of Asian and European cultural mobility funders.


Gentle reminder: key 2012 publications:

Move on! Cultural mobility for beginners, supported by the Foundation Hippocrène (in English, French, Italian and German)

The green mobility guide for the performing arts sector, commissioned to Julie’s Bicycle (in English, French, Italian, German and Chinese)