Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016: After Belonging > Call for intervention strategies

The Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016: After Belonging invites architects and other professionals from around the world to engage in a debate concerning our changing condition of belonging and the contemporary transformation of residence. This open international call seeks intervention strategies for five different sites located in the Nordic region. The list of sites includes:

-- Asylum and Shelter Provision in Torshov, Oslo
-- Border Definition in Oslo Airport Gardermoen
-- Resource Negotiations in Kirkenes
-- Transnational Neighborhoods in Tensta, Stockholm
-- Home Sharing Platforms in Copenhagen

These sites, as nodes within wider networks, encapsulate questions associated with the global transformation of belonging. Interventions should speculate on the architectures associated to the particularities of each site, and can range from spatial strategies, typological variations, and material prototypes to digital platforms and legal propositions, among many others. They can be developed as built structures, 1:1 tests, scale models, and representations for public debate.

Interventions can be developed by individuals and teams. All agents involved with the built environment—including architects, artists, urban designers, urban planners, landscape designers, sociologists, engineers, geographers, public activists, among others—are welcome to participate.

The Triennale will provide a prize of NOK 150 000- (this amount is subject to taxes) for each intervention strategy. This allocated budget includes:

  • Fees and resources for project development and production.
  • Travel and accommodation for site visits necessary for the development of the intervention.

  • Preparation of documentation and production of content for the exhibition and publication.

  • Development of the local public platform, in collaboration with local partners.

Deadline: 23 November

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Thanks to Le club des opportunités.