Dance Congress 2016 > Call for proposals (Hannover, Germany)

The Call for Proposals invites artists, theorists, students and all working in dance to take up a position on the concept of contemporaneity and apply with questions and issues, work projects and case studies from their respective practices. The organisers explicitly welcome proposals from other artistic and theoretical disciplines.

One of the thematic interests of Dance Congress 2016 is the discussion of different aspects of what we refer to as contemporary. Since the 20th Century, the idea of contemporaneity has arguably been accompanying the development of dance and choreography on an artistic-practical as much as theoretical level: as aesthetic, historical, political and societal position-fixing and a challenge to deal individually and collectively with the conditions and conditionality of our time. At the same moment, deep changes in the order of the world as much as developments from within the artistic practice call for redefining the idea of contemporaneity in theory, practice and education. Contemporaneity here is not primarily understood as an affirmative term. Much more it is an invitation and a responsibility to not reduce it to a dazzling, holed formula, but to set out for its re-examination in close dialogue with current developments.

In terms of a critical dialogue and focussing on the process of knowledge production with and through dance, choreography and movement, the Call for Proposals addresses groups (2 and more persons). Individual submissions will not be considered. The organisers explicitly invite contributions that critically reflect upon and/or in someway work to modify familiar conventions and formats.

A selection of the submitted proposals shall be realized during Dance Congress 2016 (16 – 19 June 2016) in Hanover.

Please include following information in the proposal:

(1) Abstract of the proposal (max. 500 words)

(2) Number of the participants and a recent biography of each (max. 250 words each)

(3) Indication of technical, spatial, time and other requirements, language of the contribution

(4) Calculation of costs

Deadline: 26 May

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