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Green Mobility Guide for the Performing Arts: Julie's Bicycle & On the Move research dossier in 5 languages!

On The Move and Julie´s Bicycle present a new green guide to environmentally sustainable mobility for touring performing arts companies and venues. Download for free this OTM research dossier (available in English, French, Italian, German and Chinese)!

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In January-May 2014, we're working on...

Find out what we're working on in January-May 2014, which meetings we're organising, what researches we're carrying out... regular updates about what On the Move does - apart from publishing mobility opportunities, of course!

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La Charte d’On the Move pour les responsables de politiques publiques

Cette Charte est un projet dans le cadre du financement Culture de l'Union européenne (2013-2014). Vous pouvez néanmoins toujours y trouver des outils, références et ressources utiles pour pratiquer, financer ou gérer votre mobilité.

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Charter for a sustainable and responsible cultural mobility

The Charter for a sustainable and responsible cultural mobility was a project of On the Move's network in 2013-14 (part of the EU funding for networks under the Culture programme). Even if this project is over, you can still refer to some useful tips and resources to practice, manage and/or fund cultural mobility.

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On the Move Annual report 2012 (English and French)

What have we done and what results have we achieved in 2012? The annual report of On the Move brings you an insight in our meetings, our website statistics, our members... and more. Take a few minutes to read it! (available in English and French)

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Guide de la mobilité verte dans le spectacle vivant - dossier de recherche actualisé en français!

Le guide de la mobilité verte, commissionné par On the Move au groupe d'expert sur les questions environnementales Julie's Bicycle en mai 2011, après une traduction partielle en français, est maintenant disponible dans sa totalité (glossaire inclus), grâce au soutien du Ministère français de la Culture et de la Communication. Téléchargement gratuit.

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Der Leitfaden zur „grünen“ Mobilität für die Darstellenden Künste – deutsche Version

Der Leitfaden zur ökologisch nachhaltigen Mobilität, den On the Move 2011 bei Julie’s Bicycle, den Experten für Umweltfragen im Kunstsektor, in Auftrag gab, ist jetzt auch in der deutschen Übersetzung verfügbar.

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Artists' mobility and visas: a step forward

As a part of its advocacy activities for better conditions for the international mobility of artists and cultural professionals, On the Move (OTM) tackles visa issues: on this crucial theme we organised a training workshop in November, 15th- 16th in Brussels focused to Schengen visas. The results of this workshop form the core of this report, that presents specific obstacles faced by mobile artists, confronts theory and practice, and suggests concrete solutions. Mobility happens anyway: let’s make it happen better!

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Move On! Cultural mobility for beginners - OTM research dossier (newly updated: December 2013)

On the Move, in collaboration with its members and with the support of the Hippocrène Foundation, has prepared this agile guide with "tips & links" for your mobility experience. From understanding what "mobility" means to browsing the right links, from packing you suitcase to staying in touch with the great people you met: 10 "golden rules" to make the most of an experience abroad - no matter when, where and how long. Free download - in English, French, Italian and German! (last update: December 2013)

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OTM curating Culture360 - Arts and environment

In August 2012 the On the Move team presented a new exciting curatorial journey of the website culture360.org, dedicated to "arts and the envionment". Have a good reading!

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OTM announces its new media partnership with Chiediteatro - OTM news available in Italian!

As of April 2012, On the Move has a new media partner: Chiediteatro, the Italian Web-based information site for theatre and performing arts professionals, with a special focus on "backstage" professionals.

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Information Standards for the Mobility of Artists and Cultural Professionals - Dec. 2011

As foreseen in the Work Plan for Culture 2011-2014, the European Commission set up in May 2011 an EU expert group on mobility information standards to develop common content and quality standards for information and advice relating to the mobility of artists and cultural professionals. The group included On the Move, and worked out a document entitled "information standards for the mobility of artists and cultural professionals" which offers policy makers in the EU Members States with practical guidance for setting up information services in their countries.

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An Argument for Mobility: In memoriam of Dragan Klaic

OTM joins its voice with the whole of the culture sector in Europe to pay a modest tribute to Dragan Klaic by re-publishing an article he has writen back in 2002 when the sector was trying to find arguments for mobility.

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Final Report of OTM Meeting of EU Mobility Projects, Budapest 19-20 May

This report gathers background information and minutes of the meeting of EU mobility projects that took place in 19-20 May in Budapest, Hungary, organised by On the Move.

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I showed her my work and so she started to know me, IETM (2003)

Case studies of international collaborations within and with the Med region. Commissioned by the European Cultural Foundation

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