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ArtCOP21 - Professional Workshop: 3-4 December (Paris, France)

ArtCOP21 stages city-wide cultural events that address climate as a people challenge and work to create a cultural blueprint of positive and sustainable change during the COP21 in Paris. On the Move is one of the main co-organisers of the ArtCOP21 Professional Workshop on 3-4 December in Paris.

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On the Move - Annual activity report 2013

Have a look at our concise annual report 2013 to get an overview of our mission and activities throughout the year 2013!

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On the Move Newsletter : Content and Report 2013

With this report, you can learn more about the types of news and cultural mobility opportunities shared by On the Move throughout the year 2013.

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2013: On the Move’s key guides, reports and documents

Throughout 2013, On the Move has been co-producing or updating guides and toolkits to help artists and cultural professionals to better identify funding and/or information resources to support their mobility. (Re)-discover them!

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On the Move Repertory of web-links on cultural mobility in Latin America

One of the key objectives of this repertory is to help Latin American - and international - artists and cultural professionals to identify information sources and to find potential ways to support their cultural mobility related projects.

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Interartive magazine: special issue on Art + Mobility

A great contribution to the subject of art and mobility with numerous articles and references to understand the multiple aspects of artists' mobility. More than 15 articles and an online exhibition not to be missed!

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Platform meeting of Asian and European cultural mobility funders, Prague- Czech Republic, 5-6 June 2013

Over 35 organisations and institutions from Asia and Europe gathered in Prague, Czech Republic in early June for the first ever meeting of mobility funders from Asia and Europe, organised by the Czech Arts and Theatre Institute, Kelola Foundation (Indonesia) and On the Move with the support of the Creative Encounters programme of ASEF – Asia-Europe Foundation and Arts Network Asia. REad the results of the event and see who was there!

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In January-May 2014, we're working on...

Find out what we're working on in January-May 2014, which meetings we're organising, what researches we're carrying out... regular updates about what On the Move does - apart from publishing mobility opportunities, of course!

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La Charte d’On the Move pour les responsables de politiques publiques

Cette Charte est un projet dans le cadre du financement Culture de l'Union européenne (2013-2014). Vous pouvez néanmoins toujours y trouver des outils, références et ressources utiles pour pratiquer, financer ou gérer votre mobilité.

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Charter for a sustainable and responsible cultural mobility

The Charter for a sustainable and responsible cultural mobility was a project of On the Move's network in 2013-14 (part of the EU funding for networks under the Culture programme). Even if this project is over, you can still refer to some useful tips and resources to practice, manage and/or fund cultural mobility.

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On the Move Annual report 2012 (English and French)

What have we done and what results have we achieved in 2012? The annual report of On the Move brings you an insight in our meetings, our website statistics, our members... and more. Take a few minutes to read it! (available in English and French)

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OTM curating Culture360 - Arts and environment

In August 2012 the On the Move team presented a new exciting curatorial journey of the website culture360.org, dedicated to "arts and the envionment". Have a good reading!

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Information Standards for the Mobility of Artists and Cultural Professionals - Dec. 2011

As foreseen in the Work Plan for Culture 2011-2014, the European Commission set up in May 2011 an EU expert group on mobility information standards to develop common content and quality standards for information and advice relating to the mobility of artists and cultural professionals. The group included On the Move, and worked out a document entitled "information standards for the mobility of artists and cultural professionals" which offers policy makers in the EU Members States with practical guidance for setting up information services in their countries.

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Recommendations for the mobility and circulation of artists and works, European Platform on the potential of Cultural and Creative Industries, 2011

In the this document you will find reports and recommendations of five workshops promoted in 2011 by the European civil society platform "on the potential of culture and creative industries", notably the workshop dedicated to the "Mobility and circulation of artists and works".

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