WOMEX Award for Professional Excellence Given to On the Move

Group photo of various On the Move board members and representatives with a WOMEX award certificate and statuette.

The team at On the Move was humbled and thrilled to receive this award of Professional Excellence from WOMEX during the closing ceremony of the 2023’s edition in A Coruña (Spain) on 29th of October 2023. We feel that this is first and foremost an achievement by the members of the network, particularly through the advocacy, information and actions of the the Mobility Info Points and former OTM President and current OTM member, Marie Fol, with and within the WOMEX community.

This prize is awarded during an international music event, but the very values of artistic mobility that are celebrated echo very much those of other artistic and cultural sectors.

As stated by WOMEX:

‘For the global music scene and the wider arts ecosystem, mobility is not a luxury, but a necessity. In their commitment to providing this invaluable resource for artists and cultural professionals, On the Move opens the world to artists of all stripes. For this reason, we are delighted that On the Move is the recipient of the WOMEX 23 Award for Professional Excellence.’

The following members were present or (re)-presented during the 2023 edition of the WOMEX: Marie Fol (individual member / Former OTM President), alba KULTUR, Artists at Risk Connection, Artistic Freedom Initiative, Art Council of England, Canada Council for the Arts, EMEE, European Music Council, Le Laba, La Collaborative, Mobiculture, PRS Foundation, Tamizdat, The Green Room, Wales arts International as well as On the Move France (with its President Silja Fischer).

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